All of the babies shown on this page have been adopted. They are a small sampling of the many dolls that I have created since 2002.

Baby Miracle*

(babies with a * beside their name are discontinued sculpts)


Baby Aurora Sky *


Baby Rosie *


Baby Serenity *(1)


Baby Serenity *(2)


Baby Mattie *


Baby Kase


Baby Selena (Will)


Baby Paris


Dmitri Stoete
Lola Stoete



Baby Selena (Will)

Baby Coco

Baby Freya

Baby Linaya (Linus) *

Baby Lynnie (Lincoln) *

Baby Amy


Baby Keoma (Carolina)

Baby Gracie (Gus)*

Baby Harper (Carolina)

Baby Paris

Baby Ryan*

Preschooler Angelica
Baby Max *

Baby Bethany
Toddler Andrea

Baby Buggy *
Toddler Bonnie

Baby Dee Dee
Baby Carolina

Baby Helena
Preschooler Gabriella

Baby Isa *
Baby Gus *

Baby Joshua

Baby Jasmine

Toddler Kristaleta

Baby Krista

Baby Lisann

Baby Lila *

Baby Max *
Baby Maisy

Baby Nele
Baby Nala

Baby Porsha *

Baby Noah

Baby Scarlett
Baby Rainer *

Baby Sofia
Baby Serene

Baby Tanya *
Baby Suze

Baby Taylor*
Toddler Tatiana

Baby Victoria *
Baby Teddi


Baby Kissable